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George Yang, MD

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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 Thank you for visiting our site. In a few more clicks, we hope you will not only learn about our philosophy and approach towards a wide range of facial cosmetic procedures but also provide you with some tools to determine the type of procedures that would be effective in improving the specific area of your interest.

Your journey to learning more about facial cosmetic surgery starts below as you begin by choosing one of the three paths designed specifically to help you better navigate the site.

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Symptom Finder

If you only know what areas bother you, but don’t know much about the options for facial procedures, then choose follow this link and we will help guide you to procedures that help the problem

Procedure List

If you already know which procedure you are interested in, please follow this link to see a list of procedures.  On each procedure page will be a sampler of before and after photos for that procedure.

Before and After Photos

You are well versed in plastic surgery procedure, and may have already had some work done, or have already been to a couple of consultations.  You are looking to narrow down which surgeon or doctor to choose to perform your procedure.  At this point, you are looking for a Surgeon or Doctor who has the same vision or aesthetic that you have.  This is a very important choice, since the patient and doctor must has the same vision otherwise the patient may be disappointed.