Dr. Yang’s goal as a facial plastic surgeon is to create a surgical experience for his patients during which they are both comfortable and well informed. Because the success of a procedure depends partly on the expected outcome as discussed between doctor and patient, cultivating a transparent and knowledge-based relationship with his patients is vitally important to Dr. Yang.

Often patients contact Dr. Yang with questions and concerns regarding cosmetic procedures they have had with another surgeon. Unfortunately, not knowing the medical or surgical background of each patient makes responding to these private inquiries difficult, and a detailed answer is often impossible.

Second opinions

For such patients who wish to consult with Dr. Yang regarding a recent procedure they have had with another surgeon, we offer post-operative counseling appointments. These appointments with Dr. Yang will allow patients to discuss their post-operative concerns with another surgeon and get a second medical opinion, as well as an evaluation for revision surgery if it is possible. Because such appointments would not be cosmetic consultation for a first time procedure or follow-up appointments after surgery with Dr. Yang, the cost is based on the amount of time spent with Dr. Yang. The cost for post-operative counseling with Dr. Yang is $300 for the first half hour and $150 for each additional 15 minutes. The appointment can be scheduled for the duration of time that the patient desires. After the initial appointment, the follow up appointments can be made based on the $300/30 minute rate.

Post-operative care for other surgeon’s patients

Some patients have had surgery overseas or out of their area, and may need follow-up care. Post-operative appointments are typically included with the surgeon’s fee. However, for Dr. Yang to help take care of another surgeon’s patient, such as removing sutures, draining a hematoma, reassurance, etc, the post-operative counseling rates apply to these patients. For the initial appointment which may be for suture removal may only take 30 minutes ($500 for the initial 30 minute visit), but if additional problems arise and more appointments are needed then the rate goes down to the $250/15 minute rate.

Revision Surgeries

Evaluation for revision surgeries are more complicated than a patient who is coming in for a first time procedure. The evaluation for revision surgery has the same rates as for the second opinion. Some patients considering revisions may schedule multiple appointments and ultimately not schedule any surgery, which accounts for the time based pricing. Some patients may only schedule a 30 minute visit to keep the costs down to initially meet Dr. Yang. If the patient does not feel that Dr. Yang is the right revision surgeon for them, then they do not have to spend more than the 30 minute appointment with him. If after the initial half hour appointment, more time is desired then the $300/30 minutes applies.

To schedule a post-operative counseling appointment with Dr. Yang please contact our patient care coordinator, Mae, at the office and she will take you through the necessary steps involved with scheduling this type of consultation. Like any other consultation with Dr. Yang, new patient paperwork is required as well as the operative report from any cosmetic procedures had related to the area of concern (face, neck, eyelids, etc.) prior to the appointment. We ask patients to provide the operative report so that Dr. Yang is informed about your previous surgeries and will be able to more adeptly assess your case and offer his medical opinion.