The mini-neck lift, or submentoplasty, is a good option for younger patients with good skin elasticity who want a more defined jaw line and neck, but do not need skin removal. Dr. Yang uses this procedure to add more youthful contours to the jaw line that rejuvenate the face and provide the patient with a younger, more defined jaw and neck.

The mini-neck lift procedure includes the platysmaplasty technique used in the full neck lift, but requires a single incision under the chin instead of multiple incisions. Using one incision allows Dr. Yang to tighten the platysma and create a supportive structure to tighten the neck, without multiple scars. Often Dr. Yang will use liposuction to remove excess fat in order to create a more youthful neck. Similarly, for patients who want a more defined jaw and chin, Dr. Yang will accompany the mini-neck lift with a chin implant.