For prospective patients who do not live in the New York area, Dr. Yang offers the virtual consultation. The virtual consultation is done over the phone or through skype, while using a computer program to access and view Dr. Yang’s desktop (Skype or Zoom). While viewing Dr. Yang’s desktop, you will be able to see computer morphed images of potential outcomes of the procedures* you are interested in. Typically lasting an hour, the virtual consultation costs the same as a traditional, in-office consultation, and is $250. If the virtual consultation goes well, and you are interested in coming in for an in-office consultation to further explore facial plastic surgery options, the in-office consultation is then complimentary.

Our cancellation policy applies to patients who cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment. There is no charge to cancel, however patient incurs a $50 rescheduling fee upon making another appointment. If the patient fails to notify the office of a cancellation and simple does not show up, he or she incurs a $250 rescheduling fee. Patient will be billed said fee the during his or her next visit.

Our cancellation policy reflects the inconvenience of last minute rescheduling, as well as the inherent cost of an empty appointment spot.

*Please note, not all procedures can be simulated by a computer.