As we age, the natural contours of our face change shape and shift due to the effects of gravity, stress, sun damage, and genetics. While some plastic surgeons settle for the “refreshed” look, Dr. Yang focuses on creating a result that provides his patients with the youthful contours, shapes, and features that made and continue to make their appearance unique. It is important to understand that traditionally plastic surgeons are trained in techniques that create smoother skin, decrease wrinkles, and remove excess fat and unwanted sagging. However, removing the excess that the aging process has created does not result in a more youthful image, it is the reason you can tell when people have had plastic surgery even in this medically and technologically advanced society.

From the diagram above, notice the features that are marked on the right side have changed because of an overall loss of volume and skin elasticity caused by aging. Not one procedure, cream, or lift can fix every single problem on that list. Because of this, Dr. Yang addresses rejuvenation on several levels. This section is dedicated, however, to his surgical approach to facial rejuvenation and his philosophy regarding the most popular and technologically advanced procedures available.

Before you embark on your plastic surgery journey, remember that you have chosen to walk down this path because you want to look as good as you feel. It is important to distinguish between this important concept and pursuing surgery to appear different than who you truly are or deciding upon surgery due to the compulsion of somebody else.