Dr. Yang’s traditional consultation is an important first step in the plastic surgery process. Typically lasting an hour, Dr. Yang utilizes the first consultation as a way to get to know you and familiarize himself with your cosmetic surgery concerns and desired outcomes. During this initial appointment, Dr. Yang also discusses aspects of his philosophy that pertain to the specific procedures or areas of the face you may be interested in addressing.

For most patients the consultation will begin in the exam room with Dr. Yang. There he will ask questions about your medical history, previous cosmetic procedures, and you will discuss your current concerns. For most patients, Dr. Yang takes a series of photographs to get a baseline so that he is able to see improvements from a specific procedure or compare post-operative photos should you elect to have surgery. These pictures are also extremely important as it is these photos that are used to provide the patient with photographic morphs using computer imaging of potential outcomes of certain procedures.

Another method to simulate a results in a patient using injectable fillers is a “water simulation” or “saline simulation.” Using this method, Dr. Yang can give the patient a preview of the result, before committing to the actual injectable filler or fat grafting.

Because the consultation is such an integral part of forming a relationship with his patients, Dr. Yang schedules ample time so that the patient fully understands all aspects of the procedures they are interested in. The cost for a consultation with Dr. Yang is $250.

Our cancellation policy applies to patients who cancel less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. 

If the patient fails to notify the office with at least 24 hours notice or simply does not show up, a $250 No Show fee will be billed.