For patients wishing to improve wrinkling and hollowing of the upper eyelid region, Dr. Yang may suggest upper eyelid fillers to restore volume to the orbital region and recreate a fuller, more youthful contour above the eyelid. As some people age, their eyelid crease loses it’s parrallel position to the eye and can even hollow completely, causing eyes to appear sunken or hollow. Adding volume via temporary fillers is one of Dr. Yang’s most popular procedures, and is an excellent option in lieu of surgery or more invasive procedures.

Candidate for Upper Eyelid Filler

One of the main culprits behind eye aging is volume loss. In different people, volume loss may have varying effects on how an eye will age. Volume, in the case of our eyes, is lost as fat due to gravity and increasing skin laxity which results in the hollowed effect known as the fish-eye or doll-eye deformity.

Patients with a hollow upper eyelid appearance or with wrinkling above the eye due to volume loss are great candidates for upper eyelid fillers. Additionally, upper eyelid fillers are a great option for patients who wish to improve the look of the upper eyelid region without the use of more invasive or surgical procedures.

About the Procedure

Using dermal fillers such as Restylane ®, Dr. Yang contours the upper eyelid region to a more youthful appearance by adding volume to recreate the parallel between the eyelid crease and the top of the eye. The injectable fillers facilitate eyelid rejuvenation by restoring the volume that has been lost due to gravity and increased skin laxity that accompanies the aging process.

Though these fillers are temporary they often last for over a year, with patients returning several years later maintaining the new, younger looking shape to their upper eye region. If, for whatever reason, a patient wishes to remove the added filler, a dissolving agent is easily injected.


Downtown for patients who undergo upper eyelid fillers is minimal, with swelling typically subsiding in a day or two after the procedure. Minor bruising may last four to seven days, with some patients reporting soreness for a few days after injection.

Before and After Photos