Throughout the aging process, the loss of fat volume underneath the eye, or periorbital region, coupled with decreased skin laxity can cause the emergence of eye bags. Depending on the severity of a patient’s eye bags, Dr. Yang may recommend injectable fillers to add volume to the periorbital rim, the area above the cheek and under the eye that typically becomes delineated by the eye bag.

Lower Eyelid Filler Candidate

Patients who are experiencing the hallmark undereye bags that accompany facial volume loss but don’t want surgery are typically the best candidates for Dr. Yang’s Lower Eyelid Filler procedure. If the depression caused by lower eye bags is too deep, fillers may not be enough to provide substantial results, making this procedure ideal for patients with mild to moderate eye bags.  

About the Procedure

This procedure is performed in the office with very little recovery time involved. Using injectable fillers (typically Restylane for this region), Dr. Yang injects the patient’s periorbital rim, or the crease-like depression bisecting the top of the cheek and the under eye area.

Injectable fillers in the eye region tend to last longer than those injected near the mouth and cheek area. Patients report results lasting well over a year, with minor touch ups typically not needed for three or four years.


Downtime for patients who undergo Dr. Yang’s Lower Eyelid Filler procedure is minimal, with swelling typically subsiding in a day or two after the procedure. Minor bruising may last four to seven days, with some patients reporting soreness for a few days after injection.

Before and After Photos