The Necklift Plus combines Dr. Yang’s traditional Necklift with a Mini-facelift (also known as a lower facelift). In addition to a Necklift, the Mini-facelift portion of the procedure provides a more dramatic improvement to the jawline. For younger patients who don’t need a traditional Facelift, this procedure is an excellent, less invasive, alternative and can be performed under local anesthesia with little downtown after surgery.

Necklift Plus Candidate

Like the traditional Necklift, Dr. Yang’s Necklift Plus is recommended to patients experiencing neck sagging, a double chin, excess skin and neck bands. However, because the Necklift Plus adds a Mini-facelift, candidates for this procedure typically want an improvement not only to the neck area but jawline as well.

About the Procedure

During Necklift Plus, Dr. Yang creates an incision under the chin and behind the ears. Dr. Yang uses a corset platysmaplasty to sew the platysma muscles together underneath the chin. Further manipulation of the fat and overlying skin creates a more youthful neck ankle.

With the muscles that once pulled the neck skin and tissue down replaced to their original position, the Mini-facelift portion of the procedure address any jowling and sagging skin above the jawline. Dr. Yang undermines tissue in the lower face and red drapes the skin, thereby addressing wrinkles and jowling. Excess skin is then removed at the incisions behind the patient’s ears, a technique that ensures no bunching or puckering of the skin.   


Recovery from the Necklift Plus procedure is quite minimal and most patients experience little to no pain a day or two following their surgery. Because the skin is undermined on the neck and lower face, patients experience some temporary numbness on the face and neck due to severing of the nerves. The numbness typically subsides in 1-2 weeks. While patients do experience bruising from this procedure, it is usually mild and on the neck and underneath the ears.

Sutures underneath the chin and around the ears are removed at 5 and 8 days following the procedure. The scars at that point are faint red lines that are virtually undetectable a month following surgery. Most of Dr. Yang’s patients are able to return to work 1-2 weeks following the procedure and exercise 2 weeks later.

Before and After Photos