Using injectable fillers, Dr. Yang performs Lip Augmentation to enhance the volume in a patient’s upper and lower lips. Given the myriad examples of poorly augmented lips we see every day, Dr. Yang’s main goal during the procedure is to provide a fuller lip but also a natural result. Performed in the office, this procedure is a quick and minimally invasive requiring little to no downtime.

Lip Augmentation Candidate

The ideal candidate for Lip Augmentation is someone wishes to augment, alter, resize, or change the contour of the lips. Individuals with thin lips, uneven lips, or lip deformities can benefit from this procedure as well.

About the Procedure

Dr. Yang typically uses the injectable fillers Restylane and Juvederm for Lip Augmentation. Both are injectable fillers comprised of hyaluronic acid and are temporary and easily dissolved should the patient at any point wish to return the lips to their natural shape.

During the procedure Dr. Yang injects a small amount of filler and manipulates the lip until the desired result is achieved, feeling for lumps or unevenness as he goes. The patient is an active participant in Lip Augmentation, often shown a mirror to ensure the desired result is provided. Most importantly, Dr. Yang makes sure the results are natural and maintains the volume ratio in the upper and lower lip which is crucial to ensuring the lips don’t appear overfilled.


There is typically no downtime for patients after the Lip Augmentation procedure. Minor swelling typically subsides after a day and there may be minimal bruising and soreness. Results often last between six to twelve months.

Before and After Photos