When an earlobe is pierced, it becomes at risk for developing a tear. Tears can happen in many ways, if an earring gets caught or is pulled on, and even wearing heavy earrings everyday can result in a partial or full earlobe tear. Dr. Yang’s treatment for an earlobe tear is contingent upon many variables, including how long it has been since the tear, if the tear is partial or full, and whether or not reconstruction of the lobe deformity is needed.

Torn Earlobe Repair Candidate

Dr. Yang performs this procedure for patients with recently torn earlobes as well as those that have had a torn earlobe for some time.

About the Procedure

Often, minimally invasive surgical intervention is needed for a partially or fully torn earlobe. For an earlobe tear that has already healed, Dr. Yang will “freshen” the healed edges of the tear using a scalpel and suture the new wound back together. If the tear is recent and has not already healed, immediate surgical intervention may only require the wound to be sutured without the need for additional “freshening” of tear.

If reconstruction of the earlobe is needed due to tissue loss from a rip or tear, the procedure becomes more complicated and involves using a Z-plasty procedure to bring together the two sides of the tear.


Regardless of the technique used by Dr. Yang, the procedure to repair a torn earlobe s performed in the office under local anesthesia. There is very little recovery time and sutures are removed approximately a week after the repair. Dr. Yang advises his patients to wait at least six months to re-pierce their ears, as scar tissue and healing must be complete before there is additional manipulation to the area.

Before and After Photos