Our boutique facial plastic surgery practice offers an extremely personalized surgical experience and a commitment to excellence.

Many plastic surgeons advertise themselves as “different,” boasting a commitment to the needs of their patients. At our office, patient care truly is the bottom line. Patient care, to Dr. Yang and all of the employees in our office, does not only include ensuring patient satisfaction with the results of their procedure. In our office we strive to cultivate a knowledge-based patient experience geared to providing as much information to our patients regarding the procedures they are interested in.

In our practice, it is important that Dr. Yang’s patients know not all procedures are for everyone. What works for some patients may not universally improve other patients’ looks. Balance is crucial to creating an aesthetically appealing finished product that enhances the natural beauty of each patient.

As always, should you have any questions about our office, our philosophy, or any of the procedures we offer we welcome you to contact us at the office.