One of Dr. Yang’s most popular procedures, the Necklift is used to combat the effects of aging on the jawline and neck region. The neck is one of the first areas affected by the visible signs of aging with neck bands, excess neck fat, and what’s known parochially as the “turkey wattle” as the most common concerns from patients. Using one or a combination of techniques, Dr. Yang performs the Necklift procedure to rejuvenate the appearance of neck skin and transform the jawline. For younger patients who wish to transform the contour of their neck and jawline, Dr. Yang may suggest a Necklift in conjunction with liposuction. Dr. Yang’s Necklift procedures are done in the least invasive way to achieve the maximum result for his patient and often are performed in the office surgical suite under local anesthesia.

Necklift Candidate

In general Dr. Yang will recommend a Necklift to patients experiencing neck sagging, excess skin under the chin, jowling, and neck bands. Based on the age of the patient, skin laxity, and the desired result, Dr. Yang may suggest the traditional Necklift or one of the variations listed below.

Necklift Procedures

  • Necklift (Corset Platysmaplasty): The main technique Dr. Yang uses for his traditional Necklift procedures is the corset platysmaplasty. The platysma is the neck muscle responsible for maintaining a youthful jawline and neck ankle. As we age the platysma becomes weaker, causing neck sagging and neck bands. During this procedure, Dr. Yang sews together the free edge of platysma muscle under the chin and creates a small hammock or sling to support the new neck shape.
  • Necklift Plus (Lower Face and Necklift): One of Dr. Yang’s most popular procedures, the Necklift Plus combines the traditional Necklift with a Mini-facelift. In combination with a corset platysmaplasty, during this procedure Dr. Yang undermines the neck and jawline area and redrapes the skin to alleviate jowling and improve the neckline. Dr. Yang ensures no puckering or unnatural bunching occurs during the skin repositioning and removal process with incisions around the ears.
  • Mini-Necklift (Submentoplasty): Using a submentoplasty, Dr. Yang’s Mini-Necklift is a less invasive version of the traditional Necklift, requiring only one incision under the chin. A platysmaplasty is still performed but there is little skin redraping compared to the traditional Necklift or Necklift Plus, making this procedure a good option for patients with good skin laxity and less skin sagging or jowling.
  • Neck Liposuction (Submental Liposuction): Dr. Yang will perform neck liposuction for patients that have little skin sagging or jowling and simply have a poorly defined jaw or neck angle. Younger patients are typically good candidates for this procedure. Dr. Yang may use Neck Liposuction in conjunction with his various Necklift techniques for patients needing fat removal.


Recovery from Necklift procedures is quite minimal and most patients experience little to no pain a day or two following their surgery. Depending on the type of Necklift performed, there may be some temporary numbness in the neck and/or lower face region. The numbness typically subsides in 1-2 weeks. While patients do experience bruising from this procedure, it is usually mild and localized to the neck region.

Sutures are removed at 5 and 8 days following the procedure, and the scars at that point are faint red lines that become virtually undetectable a month following surgery. Most of Dr. Yang’s patients are able to return to work 1-2 weeks following the procedure and exercise 2 weeks later.

Before and After Photos