Facial Implants New York City

Facial Implants probably aren’t the thing most people first think of when thinking about cosmetic enhancements, but the use of cheek and chin implants can cause a stunning, subtle, yet significant enhancement. Cheek implants are used to create more definition in the cheekbones—something many women desire. Cheek implants can also help create width and dimension to an overly oblong facial structure. In a similar way, chin implants can help create a stronger, more defined jaw line—something many men desire, though women also benefit from a well defined jaw line. Men and women with receding chins that are sinking into the neck may use a Chin implant to help them create that definition.

Facial Implants may be able to help you create a better overall facial harmony and balance and enhance your natural features. Facial Implants may not be right for everyone—in some cases injectable dermal fillers may be used instead of surgical Facial Implants to create the desired result. To learn more about Facial Implants and to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. George Yang today.