Liquid Facelift New York City

Liquid Facelift – New York City Injectables

Interested in enjoying the revitalizing effects of a facelift procedure without surgery and the inconvenient downtime that comes with it? A liquid facelift procedure may be just the solution for you.

With a liquid facelift, soft-tissue fillers like Sculptra, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane are injected into key areas of the face, restoring lost volume while removing lines and wrinkles. This is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning no scalpels will be needed and no incisions will be made.

Find out more about what a liquid facelift can do for you – contact our office and arrange a consultation! To learn more about the liquid facelift and other procedures, speak with Dr. George Yang, a facial plastic surgeon double-board-certified in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT).