New York City Face Lift Specialist

Manhattan Facelift Specialist, Dr. George C. Yang performed 200+ face lifts last year. His signature procedure is the rapid recovery Millennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) designed to treat the sagging neck and jowls in healthy, non-smoking Baby Boomers with an active lifestyle. The patient has a choice ranging from twilight sedation to no sedation using local anesthesia only (like at the dentist). The Millennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) is more than a mini-facelift and less than a full facelift. It is the “Goldilocks” of facelifts. Not too little, and not too much. It is performed under local anesthesia like a mini-facelift, but takes more time to perform the extra neck work to get the neck result from a full face and necklift.

Why modify the mini-facelift? Patients like the option of avoiding general anesthesia; however, the main complaint in Dr. Yang’s experience of patients who have had mini-facelifts is that the neck profile does not change much with a mini-lift and the initial improvement immediately after the procedure usually falls after 1-2 months.

Although Dr. Yang does offer mini-facelifts, most of the patients that come for a mini-facelift consultation have complaints of both neck and jawline sagging, so a mini-facelift would not give them the improvement that they are looking for. The Millennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) avoids all of the risks and side effects that can come with general anesthesia (cardiac risk, nausea/vomiting, prolonged weakness for a week, etc.) Millennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) recovery can be as short as 1-2 weeks to look presentable in public, and about a month to look great for social events. Dr. Yang observed that the recovery for his patients who had a mini-face lift compared to theMillennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) had similar recovery times, yet had a much better improvement in the neck profile and jawline as compared to the mini-face lifts alone. This is why the Millennium Lift™ (Face Lift New York) includes a proper necklift (liposuction and/or platysmaplasty) as part of the procedure.