Rhinoplasty New York City

The nose is the central facial feature, there is no escaping it; though many a man and women would prefer to when they are unsatisfied with their nose appearance. The nose you are born with may not be the nose you would have chosen to compliment your features, or perhaps the nose you were born with was disfigured by an injury, whatever the case Dr. George Yang may be able to help you achieve the nose appearance you desire. Through Rhinoplasty, Dr. Yang has helped many men and women enhance their nose appearance. Common aesthetic complaints that patients have about their nose that Rhinoplasty surgery, also called a Nose Job or Nose Surgery, can improve is bumps and indentation in the profile of the nose, the tip of the nose being too wide, too narrow, too upturned or too downturned, the overall size of the nose or the nostril shape or size.

Rhinoplasty is commonly performed simply for cosmetic reasons, but sometimes it may also be performed to improve the function of the nose when there is an obstruction blocking the airway. To learn more about Rhinoplasty and find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yang today.