Still Numb from Restylane Injection…

Hi Dr Yang,

I had restylane injected to the droopy corners of my mouth earlier this week. I am still numb from the injections in one area. Will this go away or might I have some permanent nerve damage?

Thank you for your time. Have a great week end!


Hi Spotty,

This is unusual for filler injections. Can you describe the exact area which is still numb? (left/right, upper lip/lower lip, cheek area/chin area, etc.) Also, what type of local anesthesia was used? a nerve block? This would help in figuring out what may have happened.

Of course, you should inform your injector of this problem, since your doctor would have the best idea of what may have caused this.

To reassure you while we figure out what happened, this numbness will go away, either within a couple of weeks, or a few months. Either way it should come back.


Dr. Yang

Dr Yang,

I did have a dental block for this. The numb area is the right lower lip, from the outer edge, along the vermillion border and extends into the lip and also below the border. The length of numb area is maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length.

I have talked with the PS who feels it will go away but it is always reassuring to get another professional opinion.

Thank you so much for your input.

Hi Spotty,

Since your right lower lip is numb, the nerve affected is the mental nerve which comes out of the chin bone just below your canine teeth.

Here is a prior post about this nerve. … ht=#628248

This branch of the nerve actually gives sensation to the entire lower lip, chin and jaw. So the fact that you only have numbness of the lip area alone means that the majority of the nerve is intact, and possibly a very small section of the nerve may have been injured by the nerve block. So your prognosis for a full recovery is excellent. The chance of this happening is very slim, similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Its not impossible, but it rarely happens.

Keep me posted as to when the feeling comes back. I wish you a speedy nerve recovery.


Dr. Yang