Facial plastic surgery in men has been steadily increasing over the past several years. As surgical and non-surgical procedures become less invasive and more accessible, men have joined women in their quest for facial rejuvenation. Similarly, male facial contouring procedures geared towards improving the male appearance have become increasingly more popular. However, the dynamics of what makes a male face aesthetically appealing and handsome differ greatly from those features that define beauty for the female face. Dr. Yang tailors his male cosmetic procedures and focuses on creating an aesthetic result that provides his male patients with results that enhance the harmony of their facial features without undermining the masculinity of the face.

There are numerous options for male plastic surgery procedures and that number increases everyday as technology creates less invasive, more routine procedures for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring. There are important differences between the male facial anatomy and the female facial anatomy that only an experienced facial plastic surgeon will understand and take into account when performing a male cosmetic procedure. The fact that men have facial hair, for instance, requires increased attention to detail when creating incisions and hiding incision sites as scarring can have adverse affects on hair growth.

Another of the key differences between the male and female face is the facial frame, including the jaw line and profile. On men, an angular, more chiseled jaw line provides more definition and gives the face a stronger, more handsome shape. Similarly, a prominent chin and nose create the masculine profile desired by so many men. Like women, however, creating an aesthetic result requires a delicate balance of the size and shapes of the facial features to maintain the appropriate symmetry of the male face.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures for Men

The aging process is not a burden bestowed only to women. Men experience the same affects of skin sagging, wrinkling and volume loss that contribute to an older looking face and neck. While some aspects of aging (note George Clooney and his crows feet) are said to make men more attractive, at the end of the day skin sagging due to volume loss makes both women and men appear older, for better or worse. Dr. Yang sees many male patients interested in facelifts, necklifts, injectable fillers, and Botox to create a smoother, more rejuvenated looking face and neck. With extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation procedures on men and women alike, Dr. Yang uses the same techniques to provide his male and female patients with the younger look they desire. However, Dr. Yang also understands the differences in the male and female facial anatomy and symmetry and is an expert at maintaining gender appropriate proportions that are crucial to providing his male patients with a successful result.

Male facial plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation has excellent outcomes for men. Men tend to have greater skin elasticity than women even as they age, making the skin more apt to “snap” back to its youthful position once the underlying sagging tissue is removed or repositioned as in the case of a necklift or facelift. Similarly, volume loss in men is less detrimental to their facial appearance because it coincides with the more angular, masculine facial structure.

Male Rhinoplasty

During his facial plastic surgery fellowship, Dr. Yang performed hundreds of rhinoplasties on men and women alike. Understanding the structural foundation required to create both masculine and feminine noses is second nature to Dr. Yang and something he is meticulous about during his male rhinoplasty procedures. The male nose is typically more prominent than a women’s nose with a more angular shape. Thus, Dr. Yang approaches the rhinoplasty with the same attention to detail and artistry he would any other procedure, but creates contours and angles that balance the other facial features in a more masculine way. Creating the correct proportions between the nose and the chin, the brow and the cheeks, and the rest of the face is extremely important in any male cosmetic procedure.

Through the initial consultation with his male rhinoplasty patients, Dr. Yang studies the nose in depth and gets a clear understanding of what aspects of the nose the patient likes and dislikes. From there, Dr. Yang uses a computer imaging program to morph the patient’s nose in different ways to incorporate all of the changes the patient wishes to make and to provide the patient with possible post-operative results even before he has decided on surgery with Dr. Yang.

Other Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

While facial rejuvenation procedures and rhinoplasties are not the only procedures Dr. Yang performs on men, they are a few of the most popular. However, non-surgical procedures such as Botox and injectable fillers have become increasingly popular for men. Restoring volume to the face by way of injectable fillers creates more youthful facial contours and decreases sagging. Using dermal fillers in the nasolabial folds, under the eyes, and to increase cheek volume are just a few places Dr. Yang typically uses fillers for his male patients.

Similarly, facial implant surgery is popular among male plastic surgery patients. Creating a more pronounced chin adds more definition to the jaw and can create a more masculine and angular appearance. Similarly, under-eye and cheek sagging can be abated through cheek implants, that are used to add volume to that area of the face.