Keloids are thick scar tissue clusters that form on the edges of a healing wound or incision due to the overproduction of collagen as the scar heals. Keloids can be itchy and are usually darker in color than the surrounding skin. Not only do Keloids present an aesthetic problem for patients when they appear on the face, because they tend to grow beyond the edges of the initial scar keloids can cause functional problems if they grow too large or too closely to a facial structure. Keloids tend to appear on people with darker skin complexions and the tendency for individuals to develop keloids lessens with age. Dr. Yang often sees keloids forming on the earlobes due to a torn earlobe or as a reaction to ear-piercing. However, keloids can form anywhere on the body and may be treated surgically of with steroid injections. It is important to understand that one removed, keloids have a tendency to reoccur.