Dr. Yang offers the mini-facelift procedure to patients who want to address signs of aging but still have good skin tone and aren’t yet a candidate for a full facelift. The appeal of this procedure is due to its minimal invasiveness and the fact that it can be performed on most patients in the office. The mini-facelift is an excellent option for younger patients interested in a facelift as it is a more superficial and thus a less risky way to achieve a more rejuvenated appearance. Focusing mainly on the lower half of the face, this procedure removes wrinkles and fine lines from the cheeks and smoothes the skin around the mouth.

The mini-facelift procedure is characterized by a minimally invasive facelift that involves less technical dissection of the SMAS than typical facelifts. However, the mini-facelift varies from other facelifts, and the lower facelift in particular, in its ability to change the appearance of the neck profile and wrinkles under the jaw line.

Mini-Facelift Techniques

Like the many of the other facelifts offered by Dr. Yang, the specific technique he uses for each mini-facelift patient depends on several variables; including age, skin laxity and desired results. Similarly, there are several sub-types of the mini-facelift that Dr. Yang performs as well, they are listed below.


The S-Lift is popular because the incision used in this technique is smaller than that of a traditional mini-facelift. Instead of extending the incision behind the ear and into the hair line, the surgeon will end the cut behind the earlobe. The incision is S-shaped (hence the name S-Lift) and allows for maximum results with a shorter recovery time.


The MACS-lift is a type of S-Lift and includes using the “S” shaped incision. However, instead of folding the SMAS as in traditional SMAS Plication procedures used for mini-facelifts, the SMAS is cinched together and sutured to muscle below the temple. This technique tightens loose skin without any folding or cutting of the lower layers of fascia and provides longevity of the facelift results.